5 Mistakes Yoga Teachers Should Avoid

Yoga teachers should strive to lead their lives in line with the moral principles set out in Yoga. As experts in human movement, physiology and physical therapy, they should be aware of the five main mistakes they should avoid. These include the yoga teacher Prima Donna, who never leaves her own mat and simply “does her own yoga while talking about it”, and a narcissistic yoga teacher who wears revealing or distracting clothes. It is important to practice yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity, nutritious foods, low stress levels, a positive social environment in a yoga community, and maybe even good sleep patterns.

Yoga teachers should observe proper decorum inside and outside the classroom and avoid teaching casually. They should also strive to support and guide students through the practice of yoga without giving false hope to what the practice does. Lastly, they should be committed to maintaining impeccable standards of professional competence and integrity, instruct all students regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, and social or financial situation, and dedicate themselves to an exhaustive and continuous study and practice of yoga.