What to Wear for Your First Yoga Class

Are you ready to take your first yoga class but don't know what to wear? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Yoga is a practice that requires flexibility and breathability, so it's important to choose clothing that allows you to move freely and stay comfortable. For men and women, the best option is usually flexible, breathable pants such as yoga pants or shorts. A breathable, tight-fitting shirt that won't hang over your head when you're on your stomach is also a great choice. Women may want to consider wearing a sports bra or integrated bra that offers enough support for the type of yoga they're practicing.

Generally speaking, any type of sportswear or activewear is acceptable for yoga classes. Most students opt for a simple outfit of a loose-fitting blouse over a sports bra with a pair of yoga pants. More advanced practitioners may benefit from wearing high-end sportswear specifically designed for all the flexions and twists involved in the asanas. To get an idea of what people typically wear to classes, there are several brands of yoga clothing that you can explore.

When you start your yoga routine, you may initially feel more comfortable in tight clothing due to all the stretching involved in yoga poses. However, what you wear in a yoga class can have a big impact on your practice, so it's important to choose fabric, color, and style that make you feel good. Sara Clark is a certified Vinyasa yoga and mindfulness teacher with 500 hours of EYT training, Lululemon's global yoga ambassador, model, and writer. Natalia, its designer, is a big supporter of sustainability and has created an incredible range of yoga pants and t-shirts made with recycled coffee beans to absorb sweat.

On hot summer days or in heated yoga studios, most of us find it difficult to stay cool and comfortable during class. His articles and essays have appeared in The New York Times, Yoga Journal, The Wanderlust Journal, NY Yoga + Life, Mindbodygreen and SONIMA, among other publications. You can add a coat to your yoga outfit to cool down or wear yoga socks for extra comfort and coziness. A fun pair of printed yoga pants paired with a fun strappy yoga t-shirt can make you stand out wherever you go.

Most yoga teachers will provide you with a yoga mat but you may want to bring your own and don't forget your water bottle! While it may take some patience and experimentation, we've put together some tips for choosing the right clothes for your practice that will keep you cool, comfortable, and safe on and off the mat.