What to Wear for Hot Yoga: A Guide for Maximum Comfort and Performance

When it comes to hot yoga, the right clothing can make all the difference. Look for a workout fabric that absorbs moisture, dries quickly and is breathable. Avoid 100 percent cotton, as it will retain sweat and make your clothes heavier. Instead, opt for lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics like those popular in sportswear.

Thinner, silkier leggings are often a clue to how quickly they'll dry. For bottoms, you'll want to look for yoga pants or leggings that fit snugly but don't restrict your breathing. It can be hard to find good yoga shorts, but once you have a pair, you'll find them invaluable for yoga and Bikram classes. Choose a pair that makes you feel secure enough to bend and contort with your legs raised without feeling exposed.

Avoid both shorts and loose-fitting shorts. Cycling shorts can also be a great option if you're struggling to find the ideal style.To prevent you from sweating more than you already do, let's review some of the best yoga clothes and accessories you should wear for your hot yoga class. The space dye leggings from Beyond Yoga (below) are the ones that the owner of Evolve Fit Wear, Kyla, always swears by when she goes to do hot yoga.Remember, the most important thing you can do to be successful in your hot yoga class is to wear the right hot yoga clothing.