What is the most common pranayama used in a yoga practice?

One of the most popular pranayama yoga breathing exercises is the Bhramari Pranayama. In this type of pranayama, the practitioner closes his ears with his thumb and his eyes with his fingers. Yoga breathing exercises are known as pranayama breathing or pranayam. Pranayama is an ancient form of breathing that is often practiced in yoga.

The word prana in Sanskrit means life force, while yama means “gaining control”. Pranayama breathing consists of a variety of different techniques, many of which are still popular today because they offer many different physical and mental benefits. According to Maharshi Patanjali, considered the creator of yoga in India, yoga breathing is divided into three processes, which are Puraka (inhalation), Rechaka (exhalation) and Kumbhaka (air retention). The author, Robin Rothenberg, is a certified yoga teacher and therapist who healed herself through yoga.