Should yoga class have music?

Doing so allows them to learn faster. If you want your students to better understand your lessons, always make sure to include yoga music as part of your class. I stopped playing music during the yoga classes I teach many years ago. Music is a distraction for me as a teacher and it can also be a distraction for students.

Yoga is more than just an exercise class. It's movement, breathing, meditation and self-discovery. I consider each kind of asanas to be a practice of mindfulness. And I think that playing music during asana class can have unintended consequences for students.

Patanjali (one of the founding fathers of the philosophy of yoga) defines yoga as “Yogas chitta vritti nirodha”. A good way to start might be to create a general playlist to use during yoga and choose a specific song to play during a specific series of asanas, a meditation or yoga nidra. However, they do not offer performance licenses that cover the public performances of their listeners, such as those performed by you as a yoga school or yoga teacher. The yoga therapy components of the YogauOnline courses are based on the teacher's yogatherapy certifications and trainings;.