How should yoga make you feel?

Yoga can mean more energy and brighter moods. You may feel an increase in mental and physical energy, an increase in alertness and enthusiasm, and fewer negative feelings after starting a yoga practice routine. In short, increased GABA levels are related to better mood regulation and lower levels of anxiety and depression. Basically, yoga makes your brain happy.

So what makes yoga feel so good? Practicing yoga helps you feel calmer, more relaxed and more in tune with your body and with yourself. In addition to boosting happiness hormones in the body, yoga encourages confidence, self-awareness and mindfulness. This, in turn, makes you feel lighter, happier and more alive. Chemicals and hormones are the main reason why you feel so good after a yoga class and get hooked on getting back on your yoga mat.

If you generally practice stronger and more dynamic styles of yoga, complement your practice with a restorative yoga class. She owns her own yoga business, SavaYoga, where she brings yoga to breweries, senior living centers, offices and more. So what is the science and philosophy behind this yoga institute? According to science, the stretching, movement and breathing of yoga can really improve our mood and give us that “yoga high”. He truly believes that yoga is for everyone and, as a result, he fights to make yoga affordable and available to everyone.