Can I Practice Hot Yoga in Water?

Do you want to switch up your yoga practice and try something new? Combining yoga with water is a great way to do just that. Aqua yoga, also known as water yoga, is an outdoor exercise that can be an exciting way to change things up in your training regimen. Being submerged in water can allow a person to perform exercises that can be difficult to perform on land. The buoyancy of water can facilitate movement and improve flexibility.

Water also provides resistance to movement, helping to strengthen muscles. In addition, by supporting much of a person's body weight, buoyancy reduces the burden placed on joints. This can allow a person to exercise sooner or later after an injury or surgery than would be safe or possible on land. If you're interested in trying hot yoga in water, it's important to find a teacher and studio that offer a safe space to practice.

Drinking plain water makes your practice simple and concentrated; a lot happens during hot yoga, save yourself the added distraction of a sugary drink. Drinking cold water will make you feel hotter during class instead of cooling you down. It's a shock to the system and will make you want to drink water throughout the class. If you need supplements or salts in the water, try adding them before or after class.Sign up to see the 104 variations of Water Salutation and create your own library of yoga poses to plan your yoga sequences easily and quickly.