Aerial Yoga: Exploring the Benefits of Yoga Hammocks, Swings, and Trapezes

Aerial yoga is a hybrid mind-body practice that combines Hatha Yoga with gymnastics, dance, pilates and circus arts using an aerial hammock, also known as aerial silk. It is a type of yoga that incorporates aerial equipment such as hammocks, swings, silks, etc. to make asanas easier or more challenging. New asanas can also be included in which the student is inverted or floating.

It is very safe, as long as you go to a class with a professional or have bought a yoga hammock, sling, swing or trapeze that is made of good quality material, carabiners and equipment that has a WLL.Most yoga swings and trapezes are equipped with handles, while traditional yoga hammocks don't have handles. Yoga swings are sometimes differentiated from aerial yoga hammocks because they have thinner handles and silks, while hammocks are thicker and have a simpler design without bells or whistles. You can explore your range of flexibility in more detail when using the yoga hammock, thus improving your traditional practice with yoga poses with mats. As for locations, you can do aerial yoga in a regular yoga studio, gym, or anywhere suitable for the required equipment.Due to its infancy, the meaning of aerial yoga continues to evolve, so it is difficult to provide a definitive definition and the description may vary from one class to another.

As with many products of human creativity, it's difficult to trace the origins of aerial yoga to a single person. Here we'll review the best yoga trapeze supports and aerial yoga hammocks available on the market, including the pros and cons of each and where to buy them.With the help of the yoga hammock, you will adopt more challenging yoga poses with mats. Consult a medical professional, as aerial yoga may not be safe for you, but your doctor might recommend another form of exercise or some modified versions of aerial yoga positions. In 2003, Kerry Neal created the “Gravotonics Yoga Swing %26” exercise system in Bali and, in 2004, Lucas Rockwood, founder of “Yogabody”, developed Yoga Trapeze in Thailand.